Non Firefighter Member

Not all members fight fires. If you want to be an important and contributing member of your community but do not wish to enter a burning building, we are still looking to hear from you! Many members respond to non-fire emergencies like medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents exclusively. Some may choose to respond to all calls, but limit activities they are not comfortable with such as not wearing breathing apparatus or not climbing ladders.  These folks also take part in any community events and fundraising activities we embark upon.

Are you 18+? Do you enjoy new and exciting challenges? Want to make a difference in your community? Elmsdale Fire is actively recruiting volunteers.

In order to become an active volunteer with full membership, you must meet the following standards:

You shall be 18+

You shall live within the boundaries of the Village of Elmsdale

You shall complete the Recruitment Application Form

You shall have a physician sign off a Medical Eligibility Form (We will cover the cost, you must produce a receipt). We will review all Medical Eligibility Forms, regardless of physical impairment/disability

You shall have a Criminal Records Check performed

After completing the above steps, you will be assigned a Probationary Firefighter Training Checklist that you shall complete within the first six (6) months of your membership. You will be assigned to an Officer within the department; This person will assist you in completing the checklist.

Drop by our station on any Wednesday evening (training night) for 7:00 PM if you have any other questions, or to drop off completed forms.

You can also email if you have any other questions pertaining to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with Elmsdale Fire & Emergency Services.