We are a volunteer organization serving the community of Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Established in 1966, we have been serving the community and surrounding areas for over 50 years. We currently have a total membership of 40+ members, who respond to various medical, motor vehicle and fire related emergencies.

Our apparatus consists of a Rescue Pumper, a 2000 gallon Tanker, a Rescue vehicle and a 4×4 Light Rescue/Medical Response vehicle. We also have Thermal Imaging capability, as well as personnel trained in Ice Water Rescue and Motor Vehicle Extrication using “Hurst”© equipment.

We have mutual aid agreements with surrounding volunteer departments, including Lantz, Nine Mile River, Dutch Settlement, Shubenacadie, Stewiacke and Enfield.

Training sessions take place each Wednesday evening, throughout the year, beginning at 7:30 PM. Monthly business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM. We have many on site training tools including our EFES Trainer.

Our Hall is available for rent. Check out our Hall Rentals page for more information.

We are always looking for new members. Come for a visit any Wednesday training night for a visit.

Also, check out our Junior Program for youths ages 14-18.






Member Since



Chief (201) Kevin Goodman 17-Feb-93  Active Executive Committee (Chief Officer); Signing Officer (Department)

Deputy Chief (202) Chad Snook 07-Jan-09 Active Executive Committee (Officer); Auditor; Membership Committee

Deputy Chief (203) Dale Crowell 15-Oct-86 Active Labour Relations; Materials Committee; Preplanning Committee
Captain (204) Adam Bowen 06-Jun-12 Active Junior Committee

Captain (205) Robert Morrison 10-Nov-09 Active Executive Committee (Officer); Junior Committee

Captain (206) Mike Wood 19-Sep-01 Active Auditor (Alternate); Technology Committee; Facilities Committee; Recognition Committee;  Materials Committee

Lieutenant (207) Gerald Walsh 06-Sep-06 Active Junior Committee; Recognition Committee; Preplanning Committee 
Lieutenant (208) Vacant
Safety Officer (209) Richard Watson 19-Nov-97 Active Signing Officer (Canteen); Safety & Wellness Committee; Facilities Committee; Recognition Committee  

Safety Officer (210) Norval Mitchell 18-Oct-78 Honorary Active Safety & Wellness Committee; Auditor
Lieutenant (250) Vacant

Financial Officer Debbie Leahy 21-Aug-96 Active Signing Officer (Department); Signing Officer (Canteen)
Firefighter Jeff Leahy 17-Aug-94 Active
Firefighter Jill Burke 6-Mar-19 Active
Firefighter Owen Manuel 25-Jul-15 Active
Firefighter Chaplain Annie deLamirande 4-Oct-17 Active Safety & Wellness Committee 
Firefighter Tony Murray 19-Aug-00 Active Signing Officer (Canteen); Executive Committee (Firefighter); Auditor; Junior Committee; Labour Relations; Facilities Committee; Recognition Committee; Materials Committee
Firefighter Stephen Morrison 06-Apr-11 Active
Firefighter Liam Noble 21-May-14 Active
Firefighter Jason Flynn 5-June-19 Active Technology Committee
Firefighter Scott Brown 10-Mar-21 Active  
Firefighter Katie Costen 5-Dec-18 Active

Firefighter Scott Manuel 16-Dec-15 Active Executive Committee (Firefighter); Safety & Wellness Committee; Technology Committee; Materials Committee
Firefighter Cole Stewart 6-Mar-19 Active

Firefighter Yelena Zuck 07-Oct-15 Active  
Firefighter Tyler Hallahan 18-Aug-06 Active
Firefighter Kyle Hudson 7-Aug-19 Active

Firefighter Chris Ainsworth 18-Sept-13 Active  
Firefighter Emily Robinson 07-Jan-16 Active Safety & Wellness Committee
Firefighter Robert Hunink 05-Feb-20 Active
Firefighter Michael Clark 16-Mar-16 Active
 Firefighter Darryl Dykens   2-Oct-19 Probationary 

Firefighter Scott Freeman 26-Sep-12 Active  

Firefighter Ryan Wood 13-Mar-14 Active  

Firefighter Laura Mather 16-Sep-09 Active Executive Committee (Firefighter); Junior Committee; Membership Committee
Firefighter Nick Carroll 28-Sep-06 Active Facilities Committee; Materials Committee; Preplanning Committee

Firefighter Ryan Maclean 15-Oct-14 Active Safety & Wellness Committee; Membership Committee; Labour Relations;  Technology Committee
Firefighter Jenny Clark 5-Jul-17 Junior  

Firefighter Ben Manuel 3-Jan-18 Junior  
Firefighter Ethan Pelley 4-Oct-18 Junior
Firefighter Jeffery Hankey 1-Aug-18 Junior
Firefighter Anna Burke 3-Apr-19 Junior
Chief  Emeritus Malcolm Noble 7-Mar-73 Honorary Active Membership Committee
Radio Operator Con Seitl 16-Feb-94 Honorary Inactive

Radio Operator Al Gould 7-Apr-76 Honorary Inactive Signing Officer (Department); Auditor

Radio Operator Arden Filmore 15-Aug-74 Honorary Inactive