Become A Volunteer

Elmsdale Fire & Emergency Services is made up 100% of volunteers from within the community. These people dedicate their time to train, learn and grow as a member of the Fire Service.

All training that you undertake as a member of Elmsdale Fire & Emergency Services is 100% free and we support the continued growth of our members by conducting weekly training and also take part in courses offered by the Nova Scotia Firefighter School.

Although you are not paid to be a volunteer, there are certainly benefits!

      -Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit

      -Volunteer Firefighter License Plate (free of charge!)

      -Training courses that the department covers the cost of

      -Volunteer service looks great on a résumé

      -Take pride in serving your community

We are always looking for new Senior Firefighters, Junior Firefighters and other members that may not fight fires, but assist with medical emergencies or take part in community and fundraising activities.  Some may choose to respond to all emergency calls, but limit activities they are not comfortable with such as not wearing breathing apparatus or not climbing ladders. 

In order to join Elmsdale Fire & Emergency Services, there are a few requirements. These can be found by clicking one of the following links:

Senior Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Information

Junior Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Information

Non-Firefighter Recruitment Information

Drop by our station on any Wednesday evening (training night) for 7:00 PM if you have any other questions, or to drop off completed forms.

You can also email if you have any other questions pertaining to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with Elmsdale Fire & Emergency Services.